Installation + Interface


installation/ interface (various dimensions) + performance, 2018
e-speak loop/ various length, raspberry pi, USB speaker, PU foam, scaffolding, marble, plywood, resin, casting foam, carpet, plastic hooks, marble, electric cords, candy

idea + sculptures: Merle Vorwald
programming/ interface:  Gijs de Heij
pictures by Karolien Chromiac Karolien Chromiac, Janos Buck

SILIKON SKIN was developed as contribution to ISITDARK?/ DARKITIS! exhibitions by the artist collectives ENCORE and SEXES centering around the music and biography of the speedcore producer Liza’n’Eliaz.

SILIKON SKIN is an installation with speech bot readings based on a digital interface. It was developed in close collaboration with the coding expert and designer Gijs de Heij on location at the headquarters in Antwerp and remotely Brussels. The chat bot shatters coherence and legibility of biographical information that was previously collected about Liza’n’Eliaz. Manually selected Wikipedia fragments build chapters as text base for the algorithm. SILIKON SKIN was conceived to avoid intruding into her gatekeeping function and mythical status in the speedcore scene.

more info about Liza research:
shown at
Waldburger Wouters gallery/ Brussels